Private training sessions are approximately one hour in length and are tailored to your needs.  They can take place in your home, office, neighborhood or near by park – wherever is best suited to meet your goals!

icons-privateGeneral Training and Behavior Modification

Private training sessions are tailored to each owner’s specific needs and can include correcting undesired behaviors such as aggression, anxiety, and fear. They are also great for first time pet owners or even experienced owners who would like their dog to perform obedience off leash. SDPT can also conduct private sessions to help you work with cats, pigs and macaws and ways to keep these animals stimulated and challenged. Sessions typically take place in your home. However, they can be held in any area that will best help you and your dog accomplish your goals. Each session is approximately one hour long. Sessions can be scheduled Monday through Saturday, at any time of day, to work with your scheduling needs.

icons-groupSurf or SUP Dog 

What better place than San Diego, California for your dog to have fun, be challenged and learn something new – Surfing or Paddle Boarding! San Diego Pet Training will greet you where the sun meets the sand for a lesson with you and your pooch. We’ll provide the board, you provide the sunscreen! It is recommended that your dog already enjoys the water and beach before they learn to Hang 10.

icons-storiesPuppy Training

It is important from the first day of having a new puppy in your home that you begin to mold your puppy in to the dog you want it to become. They may be cute and easy to handle when they are only 15 or 20 pounds. What happens when they are suddenly much larger and no longer a puppy? Private in home puppy sessions are approximately one hour long and is recommended for puppies under six-months-old. The training will tackle puppy issues such as potty training, chewing, and jumping. You will also learn how to groom them and find out steps you can take to prepare them for an obedience class down the road. This is one of the most important investments you make for you and your dog’s future.